PRP – Injectable Hair Loss Treatment

PRP therapy or Platelet-rich plasma therapy is one of the newer advances in medicine and has been made popular by many celebrities. It has been advertised in the media as blood therapy or (thanks to Kim Kardashian), the “vampire facial“.

More seriously though, it has been used for many years by orthopaedic surgeons for ligament and knee injuries and has recently been shown to yield great results in skin and hair restoration. 2 small tubes of your our own blood is collected, it is then spun down using a specialized centrifuge and a specific layer (the fuzzy white layer) rich in your own bodies healing proteins is collected and this concentrated serum is then injected into areas experiencing hair loss. It is also used in addition to hair transplant surgery to speed up healing and give the transplanted hairs an extra boost and the best chance of surviving.

In summary, PRP therapy is suitable as a standalone treatment for thinning hair or in combination with hair transplant surgery. As a standalone treatment, a cycle of few treatments of PRP is required to achieve the desirable effect.

Recently (July 2017) we introduced a new injectable therapy called ACell which is combined with PRP. ACell/PRP combination has shown to yield even better results than PRP on its own. A further benefit is that the treatment interval is dramatically increased, where repeated therapy may only be required every couple of years. Please see our link for more info. 


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