FUE – Surgical Hair Restoration

Surgical Hair Restoration 

Hair transplant surgery is the only successful hair treatment method that can replace already dead or lost follicles. A hair transplant may be the treatment of choice for male or female pattern baldness, traction or scarring alopecia, as well as hairline, beard and eyebrow remodeling.

FUE or follicular unit extraction also known as DHI (Direct hair implantation) is the latest technique used for permanent hair transplant surgery. It has taken many years for hair transplant surgery to reach an acceptable standard, where results are completely natural and the procedure is minimally invasive. Each follicle is taken from the donor area INDIVIDUALLY, then each hair is placed individually into the balding areas.

As you can imagine, this method is extremely time consuming and usually takes 5-6 hours for 2000 hairs to be transplanted. The surgery can be done sedated or awake depending on your preference.

Your surgeon needs to be highly experienced and have a very steady and gentle hand. Since follicles are taken out individually, there is no cutting or linear surgical scarring involved and patients make a very quick recovery.

FUE Treatment

The Hairfront is proud to be using the very latest techniques and technologies when it comes to this delicate and specialized process. Our FUE Treatment machine, imported from the USA now allows for customisation of scalp thickness, follicle thickness and curvature so you can rest assured that every follicle is removed with precision and care.

Hair transplant surgery is not as simple as removing and placing follicles in new areas, there are many detailed processes and planning that need to take place before, after and in-between; for example hairline planning, follicular density goals, graft cleaning and storage, as well as placing hairs at correct angles in correct follicular unit positions make all the difference to an excellent and natural final result. Please click here to read about our latest technologies.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Treatment is a highly sought-after solution for individuals facing hair loss. FUE Treatment involves the meticulous extraction and transplantation of hair follicles, making it a popular choice among those seeking a natural-looking result. The key advantage of FUE Treatment lies in its minimal invasiveness, enabling quicker recovery and minimal scarring. Both men and women can experience the restoration of hair density and an overall improvement in self-confidence. Skilled surgeons perform FUE Treatment with precision, ensuring optimal results by carefully extracting and transplanting the hair follicles. FUE Treatment is indeed an effective and desirable option for combating hair loss.

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