AQ Skin Solution

AQ Skin – Injectable Hair Loss Treatment for Home Use

Introducing our first for home use injectable hair loss treatment:

This product is formulated using natural human growth factors to rejuvenate the natural hair cycle.

What is unique about this product is the fact that it can used at home:

During your first consult, Dr. Lohlun will explain the process and demonstrate the first application.
A dermastamp (a handheld device with micro needles) is applied to the head in order to create tiny breaks in the skin.

Thereafter, the AQ hair product is applied to the scalp. The solution penetrates these breaks and enters the hair follicle.

The process is repeated for a further 4 weeks by the client at home. These 5 treatments make up one cycle of treatment.
In general, 2 cycles of treatment is recommended to see results.

It is very simple, virtually painless and has shown great results.
It can be applied any time of day and there is virtually no down time.

We recommend this treatment as a maintenance for thinning hair, after your transplant (6 months) in order to boost results or simply as a prevention for thinning hair.


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