ACell – Injectable Hair Loss Treatment

ACell – Injectable Hair Loss Treatment

ACell is a recently redeveloped injection therapy for hair loss. This FDA approved treatment works on a cellular level to preserve and thicken hair. ACell actually activates dormant follicular stem cells in the scalp and encourages them to grow. The results are very impressive and this product is taking the hair loss industry by storm. 

ACell is mixed in combination with PRP (as ACell is actually a powder) and then injected into the scalp (under local anaesthetic). Unlike PRP on it its own, ACell does not require regular cycles of treatment and a topup treatment may only be required every couple of years. 

Is ACell suitable for me?

As ACell recruits stem cells, it can encourage hair growth where there previously was none. This is what makes the product so impressive and unique. While a hair transplant remains the gold standard, ACell is suitable for clients (male and female) that have generalized hair thinning or those coming for a transplant and needing an extra boost for the surrounding hair. It is particularly suitable for our younger clients, where we want to preserve hair and delay a transplant to when it is absolutely necessary.