Hair loss has became a common problem among men, and for me this has caused me to loose in confidence in my own looks. I felt my look appeal has diminished, and lived with it as consequence of aging.

I was surprised when I read an article online about “Hair Transplant”, and was immediately drawn to this. The thought of having my own hair back, led me to do further research on this procedure. This is where I find Dr. Lohlun and her team at “The Hairfront”. I immediately booked my consultation to see her, and was able to get my appointment at a very short notice.

My consultation was very satisfying, starting with friendly greetings at the reception, to comfortable seating with magazines to read with options of tea/coffee/water on the side while I waited for the Doctor.

The consultation went very well, with Dr. Lohlun assessing my conditions, and explaining what is required to get the result I wanted. Cost of the procedure was one of the major factor I was concerned about, yet Dr. Lohlun was able to offer me a great deal which allowed me to finance this procedure. I signed up for this immediately.

On the day of the transplant, although was a bit nervous, Dr. Lohlun and her great team clearly explains the whole process, making me feel comfortable and that I am in good hands.The transplant took the whole day, but for me, felt like few minutes. After the procedure, I was not feeling much pain. The whole recovery process went very well, with minimal swelling and pain.

Overall very satisfied with the result and can’t wait for the full result of the hair transplant to be seen.