Ask any man in this day and age and next to death and taxes; hair loss will always come up as one of the most dire fears we are faced with as we grow older. In my case, I experienced hair loss around my widow peak area. My self-esteem took a battering; I started having no motivation to go out anymore and socialize, this lack of motivation now had an effect on my productivity at work and ultimately on my relationship with my girlfriend as my confidence levels plummeted.

Then I heard about hair transplant surgery and being the skeptical individual I am; did some of my own research on the subject as all reports seemed to suggest it actually works. This research led to me finding Dr. Lohlun. Immediately I was impressed by her demeanor but more importantly; her sincere empathy and grasp on the severity of the situation regarding my hair loss. After the consultation,

I had absolutely no doubt this was the route I wanted to go, but this led to the issue of finances. This stirred major anxiety within me as here I finally had the answer to my almost lifelong issue, but feared the financial outlay would be beyond me. Then Dr. Lohlun told me about the 2-year payment plan and once the amount was broken down into monthly installments over this period, it suddenly (and surprisingly) became easily affordable.

On a personal note all I can say is thank you to the good doctor. Not just for a job well done as at this stage of the process I can see the transplanted hair starting to grow and it fills me with an excitement I haven`t felt in years, but the fact that she really seems to care. Demonstrated in the way that she doesn’t just do the expected post operation follow-ups, but the degree to which she takes an interest in your individual case. Furthermore, she explained to me that there may be very slight pain and discomfort during this process, but as of yet,  I haven’t felt any of this to any real degree.