alex fernandes

I started going grey at the ripe age of 16, which I didn’t mind too much. However in my late twenties I started to lose hair quite rapidly and for some, going bald is fine, however for me, it started taking quite the toll on my confidence levels.

Having a phobia around medical procedures didn’t make things easier as I kept putting any attempt of finding a solution off that involved surgery, until I met Dr Poewe. Over a period of 2 months we were constantly in contact whereby I was reassured that the only outcome of the procedure would be a positive one.

 I flew to Cape Town in which I had a consultation with both Dr Poewe and Dr Lohlun who would perform the surgery.  They were detailed, informative and friendly and most importantly empathetic to the problem I faced.

Throughout the 12 hour procedure no pain was felt and in all honesty it felt pretty good.   During the surgery, jokes were made, conversation took place, in which I requested that Dr Lohlun focus on getting the black hairs more so than the grey one’s and apparently I had a pretty good rest for the most part.

During the procedure I decided to take the Prep treatment to accelerate healing process. Three months   Post surgery, I can honestly say that I would highly recommend this additional treatment together with the transplant.

After surgery, one receives a document of do’s and don’ts and a time line of the healing process. I was amazed by how spot on the detailed instructions and process was.  Within 10 days , my scalp was healed, the scabs had fallen out & there was little to no evidence of any hair transplant taking place.  

People tend to shy away from telling others about their hair transplant, I think since the scabs fell off, I cannot stop telling people about it and how ecstatic I am with the result thus far together with the experience I had from start to finish with the team.  

One major concern for many is the possible pain or discomfort one might feel, I was one of them. I therefore prepared myself for the worst “hypochondriac here”, but in the end and in conclusion, I had no discomfort or pain pre, during and post surgery.

From the moment I came into contact with the team at the hairfront, to the day of the surgery and post follow ups, the level of professionalism and commitment from the team has been unparallel.

If you are suffering from hair loss and most importantly, if your self-esteem is suffering due to it. I would highly recommend that you meet with the team at the hair front for a consultation

Thank you Dr Poewe and Dr Lohlun for my restored confidence and new hair. I look forward to showing you both it in the not so distant future, my newly and finally styleable hairdo.