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Regional Manager at Incredible Connection

Ask any man in this day and age and next to death and taxes; hair loss will always come up as one of the most dire fears we are faced with as we grow older. In my case, I experienced hair loss around my widow peak area. My self-esteem took a battering; I started having no motivation to go out anymore and socialize, this lack of motiva… read more


Software Developer

During my 30’s my hair started thinning around my crown and by 40 it was more scalp than hair.  I started feeling old. I became sensitive about people seeing my bald spot to the point where I would think twice about leaning over in front of company for fear that people would notice.

I decided to approach The read more


Owner & founder of Highland Group of companies at Self

From the consultation, the procedure and the post procedure support, Hairfront has gone way beyond my expectations. Everything has gone exactly to plan and I am so happy with my results so far. The staff were amazing and knowing I was in the care of two highly experienced doctors gave me excellent piece of mind. Their consulting rooms and theatre were immaculate and I felt completely at ease.

I would highly recommend Hairfront to any… read more


Professional Kiteboarder and waterman

My experience with the whole staff at The Hairfront was absolutely fabulous from the time I first met with Dr Boudine, during the entire procedure and follow up. As you enter in their office, I felt like I was part of a very exclusive club and to be honest you do, throughout the surgery and post surgery I was looked after. Every single person in their office is a consumate professional who inspires great confidence in patients. The r… read more



Dear Dr. Boudine

It has been a week since my hairtransplant with you and I must say, I am ecstatic about the results thus far. Since I have had done it before with another doctor, I can honestly say you are much much better. Thank you for also recommending the PRP treatment, it really sped up the recovery,.Very impressed with this treatment. I think it’s going to look great and I can’t wait to update in about 6 months ti… read more



Every part of my experience with The Hair Front exceeded my expectation. Dr. was incredibly professional and so incredibly empathetic and caring. All my concerns about the operation melted away after our first consultation. Dr’s genuine interest in me, as a patient, provides me with great comfort and support. I had been pondering whether to have the operation for several months. I had exhausted the medical options and felt the operati… read more


Sales & Marketing Manager – ArcelorMittal Projects Europe

I started going grey at the ripe age of 16, which I didn’t mind too much. However in my late twenties I started to lose hair quite rapidly and for some, going bald is fine, however for me, it started taking quite the toll on my confidence levels.

Having a phobia around medical procedures didn’t make things easier as I kept putting any attempt of finding a solution off that involved surgery, until I met Dr Poewe. Over a pe… read more



Hair loss has became a common problem among men, and for me this has caused me to loose in confidence in my own looks. I felt my look appeal has diminished, and lived with it as consequence of aging.

I was surprised when I read an article online about “Hair Transplant”, and was immediately drawn to this. The thought of having my own hair back, led me to do further research on this procedure. This is where I find Dr. Lohlun… read more

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