FUE – Permanent Hair Restoration

Please note, not all methods of hair transplant are the same.

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From R20 000

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FUE (Follicular unit extraction) is the latest technique with minimal scarring and little discomfort, because follicles are taken out individually. This is very time consuming, but with aforementioned benefits to the patient.

Other significantly cheaper methods, such as the strip method, are less time consuming, but leave the patient with a large linear scar at the back of the head, more post operative pain and a longer healing time.

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Growth Factor Therapy


From R4 000

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PRP therapy involves processing your own blood’s growth factors and using these in problematic hair loss areas. It can be used as a stand alone treatment or combined with your hair transplant to speed up healing time and improve hair growth as well as strengthen your newly transplanted hairs.

The benefits of Platelet rich plasma therapy have been shown to yield significant results for hair loss and thinning.

AQ Skin Solution

AQ Skin – Injectable Hair Loss Treatment for Home Use

From R5500

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Our first for home use injectable hair therapy. After an initial consultation and demonstration, this unique product is administered by yourself at home. Minimal downtime, virtually painless and great results. 

Scar Correction

If you are unhappy with your scarring, we can help you! 

From R17 000

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If you have previously undergone FUT or the strip hair transplant procedure we can fix your old scarring. We understand that your previous transplant may have made you weary of undergoing any more surgeries. Let us assure you that FUE is very different and almost painless, you will be back to normal activities by the next day and we do not need to shave your entire head. 

If you are unhappy with your scarring, we can help you! 


Cocktail of vitamins, minerals and co-enzymes

From R2 500

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Mesotherapy involes injecting a cocktail of vitamins, minerals and co-enzymes directly around the dermal papilla of your hair follicles just where the hair roots need it the most. The treatment is administered in a very similar way to PRP and is a quick 30 minute lunch time procedure. Combined with PRP, mesotherapy has shown to yield some amazing results in restoring hair shaft thickness and overall dense coverage.

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Injectable Hair Loss Treatment 

From R19 500

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ACell is a recently redeveloped injection therapy for hair loss. This FDA approved treatment works on a cellular level to preserve and thicken hair. ACell actually activates dormant follicular stem cells in the scalp and encourages them to grow. The results are very impressive and this product is taking the hair loss industry by storm. 

ACell is mixed in combination with PRP (as ACell is actually a powder) and then injected into the scalp (under local anaesthetic). Unlike PRP on it its own, ACell does not require regular cycles of treatment and a topup treatment may only be required every couple of years. 


Amazing and professional team, was guided step by step during the procedure and post procedure. 

– Clinton Bolton