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Our hair transplant technologies

Not all hair transplants are the same and this is where using the latest technology in the world can make a huge difference.

High powered magnification at EVERY step. All grafts are extracted, sorted and implanted at 8x magnification and single graft units are at 20x magnification to   ensure the most natural hairlines.

Every graft is stored at the perfect temperature and in a special organ donor solution to ensure maximum graft survival rates. We do not just store your grafts in ordinary saline!

Our most important machine that really sets us apart… Extraction using the latest device imported from the USA. We are the only hair transplant clinic in Africa and one of the first in the world to be using the DrUGraft Zeus System with patented 3 phase technology. The machine allows us to customise the setting for every patient depending on scalp thickness, follicle thickness and curvature.

Flared punches for the smallest extraction sites, the quickest healing and minimal scarring. 

Incisions are made using the highest grade sapphire blades ensuring minimal scabbing and fast healing in the recipient sites. Micro channels using the sapphire blades also enable the possibility of higher density and precise angulation of each implanted hair.

Hair follicles are protected and implanted using implanter pens which means every delicate hair bulb is protected throughout the entire process.

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Not every condition is the same and each condition requires a specific treatment.

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