Wishing you a Happy Festive Season

Wishing you a Happy Festive Season

Who would have thought that a small outbreak of a flu like illness in China at the end of last year would completely change our lives?

At the Hairfront, we actually discussed the implications of this outbreak during the beginning of the year. The general consensus was that
it was no big deal and the whole thing should blow over pretty quickly…this could not have been any further from the truth.

By the middle of March, the reality of the situation had dawned on us (as well as most other South Africans) and the next few weeks we spent wondering what would happen to our country, our lives and loved ones, let alone our businesses.

It has been an exceptionally difficult and challenging time for everyone in our country and we would like to take this opportunity to send out our wishes. We hope you are safe and healthy and looking after yourselves.

We at the Hairfront are doing well and have resumed business (since September), working under all the new stringent guidelines to protect the safety of our customers and staff.
We would like to thank you for all the Whatsapp messages, emails, SMS’s, Instagram and Facebook notifications that come in on an almost daily basis thanking the Hairfront and Dr. Lohlun for the amazing results. We are here for you and we are tremendously grateful for your support in our business.

We would like to wish you a happy festive season and we look forward to seeing you in the New Year.

Lastly, congratulations to Dr. Lohlun for having a beautiful baby girl recently. We don’t understand how she is still working at full capacity, but
we won’t complain about that!

All the best to everyone

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