Why Wayne Rooney’s transplanted hairs fell out

Why Wayne Rooney’s transplanted hairs fell out

Hair restoration or more specifically, hair transplant surgery has become more and more popular. The reason being that the techniques are becoming better and better. Results are more natural and the latest technique is much less painful than previous techniques. In addition, healing time has decreased and scarring is absent or minimal.

So it isn’t a surprise that many celebrities have taken the step to improve their hairlines. One such celebrity is Wayne Rooney. Shortly after having done the procedure, at a reported cost of 30 000 pounds (Harley Street London), the paparazzi noticed that Rooney’s hair loss was exactly the same as prior to the procedure i.e. there was no improvement. The tabloids published many articles insinuating that his transplant had failed. Of course, they did not understand the evolution of the procedure:

After the hair transplant, the transplanted hairs grow for a short while. Approximately 1-4 weeks later, a shedding phase occurs where these newly transplanted hairs fall out. However, the follicle roots remain. After 4 months the hairs start growing again and only after 6-8 months does one see a significant difference in appearance. The full result can take up to 1 year.

This is something to bear in mind: If you have an important date (a wedding) in the next year or so, think about having something done sooner rather than later.

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