It was not too long ago that we announced the arrival of a new hair restoration treatment for hairloss called ACell.

Since then we have been innundated by calls, enquiries and consultations regarding this new exciting product. What is all the excitement about and why are people to eager to have this Acell treatment therapy?

Regarding what ACell treatment is and how it works, please click here for more information. However, what hair transplant surgeons and patients around the world are saying, is that the ACell/PRP combination may just be one of the best medical treatments that we currently have when it comes to hair loss. The results are impressive and word is rapidly spreading. In addition, the therapy (unlike many medical therapies) has a very long treatment interval, sometimes up to 2-3 years, whereas other therapies need to be administered daily or weekly. In addition, the results are very natural and the administration of the medication is done under local anaesthetic. You can return to work immediately after and no special instructions need to be followed.

The Hairfront is proud to be one of very few countries outside the USA and currently the only South African practice to stock ACell.

The Hairfront also recently acquired a high powered Dermatoscope, which enables detailed analysis of hair and follicles, as well as the scalp. These images can be viewed live on a monitor and even emailed to you after your consultation.

We are here to offer you the best possible service and are continuously striving to improve.

The Hairfront doctors will be travelling to Europe soon (again) to investigate new medical advances and instruments. Stay posted for an update in November.