At the recent 6th World FUE congress our resident surgeon Dr. Boudine Lohlun had the opportunity to mingle with some of the best transplant surgeons in the world.

Dr. John Cole, winner of the prestigious “Golden Follicle” award is a highly prominent and well renowned transplant surgeon. He practices in the US and has even developed his own range of instruments.

Dr. Lohlun had the rare opportunity of spending some time with Dr. Cole, as well as picking his brain around the subject matter of hair restoration including current techniques and the direction of the specialty. In addition, Dr. Lohlun also met with some of Turkey’s and Japan’s leading surgeons.

This leads to an interesting question: What makes someone good at what they do? Is it simply the fact that they have done it for a long time and are thus experienced? Or is it perhaps an appearance of outward success? How about a reputation amongst clients or peers?

Although the above is important, we believe that the primary answer to the question “what makes someone good at what they do” lies not so much in the how, but in the why.

Why are they doing what they do? Unless the answer is an intense passion and deep enthusiasm for one’s work, can one really become a success in one’s career?

From passion stems a desire to learn, to understand, to empathize, a willingness to help and a need to continually improve ones work. Outward success, happy clients and a good reputation will merely be a reflection of this.

So, looking at the best transplant surgeons in the world (and probably any successful doctor/businessman/career professional), one can identify this common thread, the passion.

Passion is what motivates these people to go the extra mile and deliver an exceptional service.

Perhaps a good question to ask yourself after you have consulted your doctor would be:

Is he/she passionate about their work and how much do they genuinely care?