What’s new in the field of Hair Transplant?

What’s new in the field of Hair Transplant?

The specialty of Hair transplant is not unlike other specialty areas of medicine.

There is constant innovation and this includes improvement of existing technology, as well as new medical equipment and medications.

However, just like other areas of medicine, new does not always mean better.  Here at the Hairfront, we stay abreast of new development, but at the same time, we are cautious.  New products and medications need to be trialled and tested. We only implement changes in our practice, once these have established a track record of success and have clinical backing.

Our resident transplant surgeon, Dr. Boudine Lohlun stays up-to-date by attending international congresses on a yearly (sometimes twice yearly)  basis to ensure that we can offer our clients the latest and best available treatments.

Dr. Lohlun’s next congress will be in May 2017 and some of the new exciting developments will be focusing on the following:

Body Hair transplantation. It is now possible to use body hair for hair transplantation. Dr. Lohlun has already successfully conducted this, but the techniques around this are currently being refined further. The hair is often taken from the beard/back/chest and used to increase density on the head. This is a great solution for people that do not have enough donor hair.

FUE without shaving. With current equipment and technology, the donor area needs to be trimmed completely in order to harvest grafts. New technology has been developed, which makes this unnecessary. Dr. Lohlun will be investigating this and if feasible, The Hairfront will be incorporating these changes.

Here at The Hairfront, we want to offer the current and best treatment for our patients. It is, therefore, vital for us to stay up-to-date and we are proud to be offering the latest in this field.

Please contact us for a consultation and a cup of coffee. We look forward to meeting you.

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