What is the Hairfront doing in Europe?

What is the Hairfront doing in Europe?

If you have been following our blog posts, you will know that the Hairfront’s mission is to recapture confidence and happiness by offering the best possible treatments and results in hair restoration. How do we achieve this?

We believe that the answer is in giving each patient a tailor made solution to their specific needs. This may entail either medical or surgical treatment or a combination of both. As the Hairfront is run by South African and European trained medical doctors, there are stringent criteria in place when it comes to selecting instruments and medications.

These treatments need to have scientific backing, which means reproducible studies with proven results. There are hundreds of products on the market for hair restoration and as you may have already found out, few of them are actually effective.

The medical field is evolving rapidly, more so with the recent growth in technology and new discoveries, particularly stem cell therapies. New products do not necessarily mean that they are better in terms of results. One has to be careful in this selection process and this is why our 2 doctors, Dr. Lohlun and Dr. Poewe recently visited Europe, with the intention of investigating some new advancements in hair restoration.

The trip to Europe was a remarkable success. The Hairfront was able to source new tools, which will aid in the process of FUE. These tools are more precise and refined, resulting in even less trauma and better results.

The Hairfront also attended the launch of a brand new system, which involves extracting stem cells from the back of the scalp and injecting them back into in the hairline (after some processing) in order to boost hair growth. This technology is very new and the studies are small, therefore the Haifront will wait for larger studies, before deciding whether to adopt this therapy.

There is also a new alternative to PRP. This involves a similar collection process, but the processing allows for the extraction of more anti-inflammatory cytokines (signaling cells), which should theoretically improve results. Again, these studies are very young and until the technology has demonstrated definitive results, the Hairfront will continue offering PRP, which has shown some tremendous results.

Therapies and hair restoration treatments can be overwhelming to look at: What works? What is right for me? What the best solution? Don’t stress, here at the Hairfront we have 2 specialized Doctors that will guide you and help you find a solution that works for you. Schedule a free appointment and let us help you restore your confidence.

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