Dear friends and customers

Firstly, we would like to extend our appreciation to all of the emails/whatsapp messages/text messages of grateful clients.  Please see our testimonials for some of the comments.

We have been inundated by happy clients sending us photos of their transformations. Fortunately, some of these clients have given us their permission to share these images and we have uploaded them to our gallery section click here to see images.

It is interesting to note how men and women feel about having their hair restored. Some report increased levels of self confidence, others report an increased sense of well being and others say they feel more youthful again.

There is no denying that restoring a hair line can alter one’s own, as well as others people’s perception in very dramatic way sometimes. But what are the perceivable differences:

1. It could improve your career – some of our clients work in the film and modelling industry. One’s appearance in these industries is of vital importance. There are a number of celebrities that have had hair transplant procedures and this has surely helped to improve their chances of being cast.

The benefits are not only limited to these industries. An increased self confidence may shine through in any line of work and result in increased dedication and results in the workplace.

2. Your chances of a date can improve – a social experiment was conducted on Tinder recently. Richard King set up 2 identical tinder profiles using pre and post hair transplant images. The number of matches were counted pre and post hair transplant with a whopping 75% increase in matches after having a hair transplant procedure!

3.  Your general self confidence will improve – most clients will tell us that they just feel better about themselves in general. They no longer shy away from photo opportunities, they don’t mind having their photos uploaded to social media, they no longer have to come up with creative ways of styling their hair and they finally do not need to wear hats and caps, unless it is truly as a fashion accessory. This feeling can permeate into virtually every aspect of one’s life and surely translate into an improved sense of well being and self image.

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