The “Vampire treatment” for hair loss

The “Vampire treatment” for hair loss

non-surgical hair loss treatment that actually works? We’ve all seen the magic of our own body’s ability to heal ourselves, only it’s a slow process and most of the time we see it as normal. We shave our hair… it grows; we cut our finger… it heals; we sprain our ankle..it heals.

The human body has “medicine” of its own and it’s all natural with no side effects. The latest research in human tissue healing, growth and repair is using ones own healing and growth factors to speed up recovery. So where are these growth factors found? In our blood of course, hence the term that was coined by hollywood as the “vampire treatment!” The treatment is more professionally known as PRP therapy or Platelet Rich Plasma therapy and is exactly what the name describes.

Your own blood is drawn, (only about 10mls) and is spun down in a specialised centrifuge machine; the seperated products are then carefully mixed and the plasma is activated. The activated plasma is then re-injected into problem areas to aid healing and repair. There is no risk for allergic reactions or side effects as we are using your own growth factors, just in a super concentrated form.

The benefits of PRP have been used to quickly heal sports injuries of famous athletes and also to heal gums from dental surgery. It’s no wonder that PRP causes increased hair growth. Book your PRP treatment now and see the wonders of nature.