Revolutionary new Tech at the Hairfront

Revolutionary new Tech at the Hairfront

Hi everyone, this year has been off to a flying start: Dr. Lohlun, Dr. Poewe and the team have been working flat out since the 2nd of January.

The hair restoration industry, like most branches of medicine, is a rapidly evolving field with many new exciting prospects coming into the market on a regular basis.

As mentioned previously, at the Hairfront, we are cautious of new technology and only introduce changes that have been tested in the market place and have sufficient research and studies to prove their effectivity.

It is therefore with tremendous excitement that we are introducing the Ugraft FUE device for our hair restoration surgery.

In summary, the process of harvesting hair during transplant surgery is done with an automatic or manual rotating punch. This is the industry standard and yields very successful results.

However, there are some limitations, as not every person’s hair is the same:

  • In patients with curly hair (this includes many ethnic patients), the punch often transects the hair during harvesting, making transplants of curly hair difficult and often not possible
  • Hair sometimes gets stuck in the punch, slowing down the procedure
  • The process is time consuming, as meticulous and exacting work is required.

The Ugraft punch overcomes these limitations in a very unique way: The intelligent punch actually tracks the course of the hair on its own during the harvesting process.

The benefits include

  • A faster process
  • Improved wound healing
  • Improved quality of grafts
  • Curly/Ethnic hair transplants are now possible and yield improved results

The Hairfront is the first in South African to import and introduce the UGraft. It is already in use and “working like a machine”. This has improved Dr. Lohluns already excellent results and we are able to offer our services to a wider audience with even better results.

Please refer to the UGraft website for more information:


We are currently fully booked 2 months in advance, so if you wish to improve your hair, be quick to make an appointment.

We look forward to meeting you.

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