Hi Everyone and (almost) Happy Freedom Day

We asked one of our recent clients (Simon) to summarise his experience of a hair transplant (FUE) procedure from beginning to end.

This is what he had to say:

“So, I finally decided to take the plunge and go ahead with my hair transplant surgery.

After all, it isn’t something that you can easily postpone: Every time I looked in the mirror and every selfie I took, I was reminded that my once glorious rug of hair had rapidly started transforming into a frazzled dishcloth.

Dr. Lohlun, Dr. Poewe and the team welcomed me on a warm Wednesday morning into the Hairfront practice. Even though we had an extensive consultation a while before, Dr. Lohlun ushered me into her office and she summarised the details of the procedure, confirming the hairline positions, grafts, details of the sedation and what to expect afterwards.

I was given some sedative tablets, as well as painkillers to help preempt any discomfort. I was also given a warm disposable gown to wear during the transplant and taken into the procedure room, where my hair was trimmed. (I believe it is now even possible to have the transplant done without shaving.) A small drip was placed on my hand. Dr. Lohlun explained that this was a safety measure and also to administer any other medication required. Once on the procedure bed, I was also connected to some monitors to observe my pulse and blood pressure. Apparently I have a good blood pressure!

From here on my memory is a bit hazy, I presume this is on the account of the sedative medications. I remember some injections into my scalp (I think it was the local anaesthetic). There was a bit of discomfort, but not much, as it lasted maybe two or 3 minutes.

The next thing I recall was sitting in the office eating lunch. I was extremely happy and surprised to be eating my favourite food (sushi), but was later told that the secretary had asked me what my favourite food was when I was heavily sedated. Very clever!

After lunch I was taken back into the procedure room. Dr. Lohlun explained that all the harvesting had been done and now the follicles were to be placed. Again, I was sedated and my memory continues where my head was wrapped with some bandages and I was told that everything was done.

My girlfriend was there to pick me up shortly afterwards and despite sleeping most of the day, I quickly drifted back to sleep once I was at home.

I must say, in summary it was a very pleasant experience. The staff were very professional, I had plenty of opportunity to ask questions and even though I repeated many questions, I found Dr. Lohlun to be very patient and understanding. I can be a bit anxious at times, but I was very comfortable and relaxed during my procedure at the Hairfront. I will admit, those scalp injections did hurt a bit, but as mentioned, that was perhaps 2/3 minutes and from then on I can’t remember much.

All in all it was a great experience (maybe I am a bit biased because of the sushi) and I can’t wait to see my new hair. Admittedly, I am still looking at myself in the mirror and scrutinizing my selfies, but this is for a very different reason now….”

Thank you Simon for your summary.

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