Living with Hair Loss as a Man

Living with Hair Loss as a Man

Submitted by one of our clients:

I never had a problem with my hair. In fact, my girlfriend used to called me “monkey” affectionately, because of my abundance of hair all over my body!

I first noticed some “gaps” in my hairline after showering and swimming. I was 40 at the time. I did not really pay much attention at first. Then I noticed that photos of me looked different and my hair was indeed thinning. Over a period of 2 years I had gone from a guy with a full head of hair to what I believed was now a much older looking man.

This really bothered me a lot. The society we live in is full of contradictions. People tell you not to worry about what others think of you, yet at the same time, youthful, healthy appearances is what you see all around you and many people aspire to this.

I had a long think about this. I decided, that at my age I would want to do something about my hair loss. We live in the 21st century and treatment is available, why not use it?

I always said to myself that I would not mind being bald at 65, but at 40 I felt that I was not even middle aged.

I had a transplant done quite recently. Obviously the results are great, but more importantly, I feel quite a sense of relief regarding my hair. I no longer mind looking at pictures of myself or come up with creative ways to style my hair to hide my hair loss.

If there’s something that makes you unhappy and you can do something about it, do it.

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