Dear Clients and Friends

How busy have our lives become these days? The modern work week can be quite overwhelming and often we’re left with very little time for self care, whether this includes going to the gym, spending quality time with the family or even just taking time to relax with a book / Netflix.

More specifically, how do you make time for regular therapies at the Hairfront when your schedule is already so full?

We at the Hairfront understand this dilemma and we’re therefore tremendously excited to introduce our first Injectable Hair Treatment for Home Use:

AQ skin solutions is well known injectable hair treatment, that has only recently become available in South Africa.

Up until now, the injectable therapies such as PRP/hair fillers need to be performed in our practice by a qualified doctor. This requires at least 3 treatments and the clients need to take time out of their busy schedules.

AQ skin solutions is a unique in this regard: The initial consultation and treatment is performed by our resident hair transplant specialist, Dr. Lohlun. Since the application tool (Dermastamp) is so easy to use, all subsequent treatments can be performed at home by yourself. It is very easy to use and the results are great.

For more information on this new product, please click here.

Pricing is available on our pricing page.

This product is suitable as a maintenance, to prevent thinning hair for men and women, but can also be used to boost hair growth after a transplant or if you are travelling and unable to access PRP treatment.

If you are interested to find out whether this product is suitable for you and wish to have a detailed consultation regarding your hair options, please do not hesitate to contact us.