6th World FUE Congress

6th World FUE Congress

Our resident transplant surgeon, Dr. Boudine Lohlun, recently attended the 6th World Annual FUE congress held in Ankara Turkey.

This congress covers the most up to date practical and theoretical advancements in hair restoration surgery, including new stem cell therapy, body hair transplant, and unshaven FUE.

The specialty of hair transplant is a rapidly evolving branch of medicine. New techniques are constantly being added or refined, research is updated and practical techniques are frequently improved upon. The world congress is the global arena where these ideas are interchanged, as well as providing the opportunity to visit different surgical institutes.

Dr. Lohlun was fortunate enough to attend this prestigious congress, as well as numerous workshops during the month of May. She has returned with the latest theoretical knowledge, as well as the awareness, that our practice is up to date with international standards.

On this note, a brand new medical treatment has been making tremendous waves in the US. It is showing phenomenal results i.e. the next best thing to surgery. It is not available outside of the US, but The Hairfront has managed to source it and we hope to be the first African recipient. Please see our next blog for more details.

Where ever you decide to have your treatment or consultation, please ensure that your physician or surgeon is aware of the latest developments, treatment protocols and studies in the field of hair transplant.

We are here to advise and guide you every step of the way, for a consultation, click here.

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